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About us

Technology Integration for
the Interdependent World

For a globalizing world in which many machine signals have evolved from analog to digital, interdependent networks are now vital aspects of all human interaction. From retail to hospitality and residential to entertainment, every industry depends on interconnected audio, lighting, comfort, Internet, and commerce systems.

Building Integration Inc. partners with global leaders in audio, video, surveillance, information technology, and automation technology in order to design, install, and deliver only the most dependable technological solutions.


Brands, Partners, and Memberships

Building Integration Inc. prides itself on always choosing the most appropriate and reliable devices for the systems we design. We use a carefully curated array of manufacturers to ensure our systems are in fact the most robust and the most suitable for their intended purposes.

Needing Support?

Whether you need assistance with a system we installed, a system someone else installed, need some training, or would like us to consult on a technological matter, we would love to help!

Some of the most intuitive systems can even seem overwhelming for those without proper training, so whether you are an end-user, contractor, or new owner of an existing system do not hesitate to reach out for assistance or our expert opinion.

Our Founder

Preston K. Grzegorzewski has over 10 years of experience in the field of audio engineering during which the world was finalizing a shift from analog audio systems to networked digital systems. Therefore, Building Integration Inc. does not focus on only the old, nor only the new, but rather is always looking forward while learning from the past. Building Integration Inc. strives to deliver to its clients the most robust of systems, whether analog, digital, or hybrid.

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