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Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant

The Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant was a project unlike any other, and we are sure that nearly every company or individual who had worked on it shares a nearly identical sentiment.

With nearly 15 miles of low-voltage cabling including speaker cable, ethernet cable, and optical fiber cable, this is undoubtedly the most technologically integrated historic building in Orange County, NY. Featuring over 30 surveillance cameras from Axis and Pelco, 32 speakers from Klipsch, servers from Dell EMC, a point-of-sale system from NCR, comprehensive information technology networking from Ubiquiti, audio processing from Biamp, and lighting control from Lutron, the robust interconnected systems at Old Stone House Inn & Restaurant leave little to be desired.

Owners—Arek Kwapiński & Sylwia Kubasiak

General Manager—Andrew J. Nelson

Executive Chef—Peter Case

Sous Chef—Brian Vaughan

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